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The Amplico vision is to maximise the benefits derived from nature’s resources, not just commercially but also for the development and empowerment of local communities in the regions where we operate.

We currently work in Sub-Saharan West Africa and the resources we work with are not just materials such as gold, bauxite, iron and diamonds, but also the natural strengths found in people.

We locate subterranean natural resources using techniques which minimise environmental impact and we then ready those discovered reserves for extraction by mining operators who will carry out their operations to high ethical and environmental standards and so that the population derives a fair benefit from the natural assets found in their country.

We are committed to high standards of human rights, environmental sensitivity, health and safety and financial propriety and we assign a substantial part of our profits toward social development projects.

We believe in working with local communities to help amplify the strengths of the people within them for the benefit of their society, both now and in future.