Architectural Design

At SJ Surveyors Ltd our goal is to provide good architectural design that meets and exceeds our clients expectations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our architectural design, which is sensitive to our Client’s requirements and to the chosen site.

We work closely with our Clients from the development of the initial design brief, through the various stages of the design process, including Local Authority Planning and Building Regulations approvals, selection of suitable contractors, tendering and inspection and certification of the work being carried out on site.

Our recent projects range from small residential extensions and conversions through school extensions and classroom refurbishments to the design of industrial units, commercial buildings and retail outlets.

Where necessary we advise on the appointment of other specialist construction professionals such as Structural Engineers and Building Services Engineers to ensure we meet our Client’s requirements and our designs comply with current design regulations and good practice.


We are able to advise Clients on the development potential of their property, or property which they intend to purchase, and if appropriate we will make planning applications on their behalf. Our approach to preparing a planning application follows the various stages detailed below, at all times we discuss the process with our clients and ensure that the scheme reflects their requirements.

Feasibility Study – This normally forms Stage 1 of our projects. We review local and national planning guidance and precedents to assess whether the proposed scheme is feasible. Quite often this stage forms part of our initial site visit.

Design – If we consider the scheme broadly complies with local policy and is technically possible then we prepare a detailed design brief with the client and prepare a design that meets the clients needs, maximises space whilst remaining within the confines set by the Local Authority Planning Guidance.

Submission of application – Once we have arrived at a design that meets the clients needs this is developed into a full set of drawings and documents for submission to the Local Authority.

Liaison with case officer – Throughout the determination of the planning application we regularly contact the case officer to answer any concerns they may have.
Building Regulations

Building Regulations


Building Regulations affect both residential and commercial property. They deal with the technical aspect of how a building is constructed. It is often necessary to seek Building Regulation Approval, as well as Planning Permission, as part of an overall scheme for alteration, extension or new build, it may be that building regulation approval is required even if planning Permission is not required for the scheme.

The Local Authority has the duty to ensure that building works and other matters falling within the scope of the Building Regulations are complied with in order to ensure basic standards of health and safety, energy conservation and provision for disabled people etc.

We can produce all necessary drawings, plans, details, specifications and structural calculations that may be required for a Full Plans Submission or deal with the matter as a Building Notice where appropriate. Contravention of the Regulations can result in significant penalties so it is important to ensure that works are properly specified and supervised. We can offer advice on the operation of the Regulations and how to comply with them, liaise with the local authority on your behalf and apply for and gain Building Regulation Approval.


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